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    Aura Cleansing Spray- A Simple Way to Purify and Cleanse Your Energy

    Aura Cleansing Spray- A Simple Way to Purify and Cleanse Your Energy

    As humans, we experience variable emotions and it is believed that our aura contributes to how our emotional well being.

    Our aura depicts the frequency we vibrate upon. It surrounds us mentally and physically and merges with the auras around us
    Just like our room, our aura can get cluttered and disordered. People pick energy off each other. We bump into the aura’s of people we encounter, and pick up vibrations off each other.

    When our energy vibrations are low, we feel low. Cleansing our aura is like de-cluttering and organizing our room. The negative, low vibrating energy from our aura gets cleansed and is replaced by a high frequency , radiating energy. Spiritual cleansing spray clears out the negative energy from your spaces like the office, studio or home.

    When to Cleanse Your Aura?

    Do you ever feel stressed, drained or in search of a new start? Or perhaps you have come across people with low energy? Or just continuously in contact with a lot of people. Maybe you are having a creative block? In times like these, the aura cleansing spray comes to the rescue!

    Other times you can use the aura cleansing spray includes:

    • Starting a new job
    • Before or after Interacting with people
    • Start or end of the meditation
    • When you are sick or injured
    • After you come home from a trip

    Other than that, you can use the aura cleansing spray anytime you feel ‘Low’ but also when you want to increase the protection of your aura.

    You can use it before leaving for work, cleanse the room you walk into or in between your clients.

    How To Use An Aura Cleansing Spray?

    Always remember, Intentions are the key to a clean, positive and energetic aura. 

    • Before you use it, set your intention, pick a word or affirmation to say while spraying it
    • You can start by setting your intentions clear and specific
    • Focus on things that you can control
    • Select words that calm you down or pick uplifting affirmations
    • Focus on your desired outcome and truly believe it while saying it
    • However, you proceed, make sure to take a moment, pause and take a few big deep breathes and carry on with your intentions

    Must Have Crystals for Beginners

    Must Have Crystals for Beginners

    Crystals have been at the forefront of the wellness trends and we see people’s fascination with crystals and other gemstones whose history dates back thousands of years. The word “crystal” comes from the Greek krystallos, literally meaning “coldness drawn together,” or a kind of ice.

    Marisa Galvez, a Stanford scholar research into the history of crystals, In an interview  She said they were looked upon as an embodiment of purity and perfection, crystals were also used by some medieval poets as a way to examine desire and the uncertainty of love. Crystals, in a way, fulfil a spiritual need for some people. Some people go to church, some do yoga, and others collect and meditate with crystals.

    Crystals are used to enhance the body’s healing abilities, reduce stress and improve the quality of your life. They hold a massive amount of energy. People who work with them believe that they have their energy field or personality. Crystals communicate through a vibration of the chakras having their own energy, that brings balance to mind, body and soul. Crystals are also used by therapists in accordance with other therapies they use i.e. Reflexology and Reiki.

    The whole world of crystals can feel a little terrifying and overwhelming for someone who is just starting. There are infinite variations of crystals each with their own alleviating properties, and varying needs. 

    We have compiled a list of essential crystals that you can start with!

    Often referred to as the ‘Master Healer’, Clear Quartz is believed to be the most powerful energy amplifier and healing stone on the planet. It absorbs, stores, releases and regulates energy making. Clear quartz is a must needed and generally, great crystal to have. It’s a clarifier. It’s an amplifier, as well.  It can also help you gain clarity like if you need to meditate on something, you need clarity around a certain subject. You can use this crystal as a feng-shui element by placing it on your window sill. The power of clear quartz will put in positive energy from the sun and moon which will radiate all over. It makes sure the positive energy keeps flowing.

    A very powerful and protective stone with strong healing properties. It is a variation of quartz with traces of manganese and iron that give it the soothing purple colour. It helps tackle stress and anxiety by calming you down and inducing positive vibes. You can also keep a small piece below your pillow as that helps to induce a relaxing sleep. It gets its name from the Greek word ‘amesthutos,’ which means ‘not drunken.’ The powers of amethyst work similarly and focus on calming your thoughts down so you are not overwhelmed with emotions and you can make decisions with a grounded mind.

    This is a powerful stone of light and happiness that imparts endless positive energy. This stone does not need cleansing as it doesn’t tend to hold onto any negative energy. It promotes Abundance, Emotional strength, balance and prosperity. It is also used to manifest wealth and success. It cleanses the chakras and opens the intuition. Citrine is used to treat bladder diseases and imbalances in the thyroid gland. Citrine is said to heal the spiritual self as well, as is seen as a strong cleanser and regenerator. It self heals, inspired and improves oneself.

    It is also called  ‘Stone of Opportunity’, Green Aventurine is one of the most powerful stones for luck, wealth, and manifesting prosperity. When going through major life changes this stone can help you connect to the Earth and have a grounding effect on your body. Utilize the soothing energy of Green Aventurine to learn about yourself, and create new opportunities by releasing old habits and patterns. With this stone comes optimism, and a motivation to move forward and embrace the changes that life often brings.

    Rose Quartz depicts unconditional love, in every form and types of relations. It also helps with self-love. Rose Quartz surrounds you with powerful energy, making it benefits healing and inducing your body with positivity. The soothing vibrations of the stone to rejuvenate the body, calm yourself from overwhelming emotions and mellow the stress. It can be very helpful during times of grief as it provides emotional aid during hard times that often drains one out. Whenever you need to feel loved, supported or compassion, pick up this beautiful crystal and set aside some time for meditation and reflection.

      About Shop By Illumination: Wellness Essentials that support Self Care & Self-Love

      At Illuminations, we believe self-care is a necessity & not a luxury. All our products are carefully curated to support your self-care, enhance your wellness journey and make you feel better from within. 

      Browse & shop through our wide range of wellness essentials and make yourself a priority…because you deserve to show up as the best version of you! 

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      Crystals to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

      Crystals to Improve Productivity in the Workplace

      Crystals enhance and heal the body. It reduces stress and improves the quality of your life. They hold an enormous amount of vibrations and it works for those who believe in them and acknowledge their own individual energy field or personality. Therefore, it is important to choose one that is in sync with your own vibrations.

      As we grow over the years as individuals, many responsibilities fall onto us, especially in our work place. It’s time to make your workplace that supports our health and well being. Many times you may find yourselves busy and stressed in your profession. It may take a toll on your mental and physical well being or you may find yourself affected by the negativity of your workplace environment. Your desk can be the place of tranquility to seek calmness from all the negativity.

      A clean desk often depicts a clean mind. It is an important component of a healthy workplace. While cleaning the work space invariably purifies your mind as well,it is important to energetically clean the workspace as well. Clearing the workspace after a rough day helps energies your mind as well. If you let the tense energy stay it can clutter your mind the next day as well.

      5 Crystals to have at work place

      1. Green Aventurine:

        It is also called the stone on opportunity and is known to be the luckiest of all crystals. Green Aventurine helps manifest and tract abundance, wealth and prosperity. It helps release the negative patterns, habits and disappointments for new change to take place. One can embrace the change with positivity and move forward with confidence. This stone increases the chances of growth at workplace and allows new opportunities. It also enhances creativity and boosts motivation that helps grow the business.
      2. Lepidolite:

        Lepidolite is great for work place because it is one of the best mood stabilizers. It helps calm anxiety and racing thoughts in uncertain times and during panic attacks. Lepidolite provides calmness and tranquility In chaotic times. This is helpful if you are working in stressful, pressured and fast paced environment. Lepidolite calms the nerves and helps you to enjoy a stress-free work environment.
      3. Sodalite:

        Sodalite is known as the stone of truth, works with the Throat Chakra which improves communication. Since effective communications helps clear misunderstandings, a lot of mistakes and errors can be avoided. It encourages Rational thinking and being honest with one’s inner feelings. Sodalite effectively calms you down that facilitates logical thinking. This can be helpful to with angry or rude clients, this will help you keep your calm and act professionally
      4. Black Tourmaline:

        Black Tourmaline is necessary if you work in a negative office space. Black Tourmaline absorbs negativity, cleanses and purifies it while turning it into a high vibrational energy. It is known to be one of the best grounding stones. Black Tourmaline helps balance and protect the chakras to protect you from unwanted negative energies. It provides clarity on confusing and unclear thoughts while dealing in conflict situations. Keeping a Black Tourmaline in your work place promotes calmness, comfort and confidence. It empowers those who work in difficult situations
      5. Selenite:

        Selenite is a protective and cleansing crystal with high energy and powerful healing properties. It assists in memory strengthening , focus and helps remember details to thoughts and ideas. This increases efficiency and work performance. The Selenite crystal always projects high energy and power which does not need to be cleansed and charged. It gets rid of negative vibrations and cleanses itself. Selenite also gets rid of negative emotional energy that may cause feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

      Self-Care your Way to Success!

      Self-Care your Way to Success!

      Science says only 8% of people achieve their goals! One of the most common characteristic traits of these high achievers is their level of discipline & self-care in their daily habits. 

      The famous Greek philosopher, Aristotle said it best more than 2000 years ago when he said, "We are what we repeatedly do."

      You’ll never change your life until you change something you do daily. The secret of your success is found in your daily routine.  

      Success is a goal that we might all be chasing, but it is important to keep in mind that a truly successful person is also a healthy person. 

      To be our best, we need to feel good inside-out, which means a healthy body is key to achieving a healthy mind.

      Some of the most wildly successful entrepreneurs have these daily-self-care habits in common. 
      • Wake up early
      • Do a brief digital detox & do away with unnecessary distractions
      • Follow a routine & plan their day ahead of time. 
      • Eat a healthy & exercise 
      • Read a lot of books
      • Meditate & Practice gratitude.

      Self-care is one of the best ways to achieve long-lasting success. Our passion for self-care led us to launch our Illuminations shop section in 2019 where we began by selling wellness essentials that support your self-care, enhance your wellness journey and make you feel better from within. 

      These products include crystals, wellness accessories, aromatherapy, meditation and sustainable products. 

      Browse & shop through our wide range of wellness essentials and make yourself a priority…because you deserve to show up as the best version of you! 


      Written by Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi on behalf of Shop by Illuminations.

      Self-Care Tips for Working from Home

      Self-Care Tips for Working from Home

      During these challenging times of COVID, build the perfect routine to stay proactive and productive with these tips! 



      Whether it’s heading out for a walk first thing or listening to relaxing music, get set for the new day by putting yourself first.



      You’ll feel much better ticking everything off as it gets done.



      Lighting is key to ensuring you don’t strain your eyes, while a tidy area will help to keep your mind clear.



      Whether you enjoy some light yoga or simply reflect on the day that was, meditating will help you.



      Keep your kitchen stocked up with tasty snacks to graze on during the day.



      Making time for some light exercise will boost motivation levels and increase productivity.

      Stay Healthy, Stay Happy Stay Safe! 


      Written By Soniyaa Kiran Punjabi on behalf of Shop by Illuminations


      About Shop By Illumination: Wellness Essentials that support Self Care & Self-Love

      At Illuminations, we believe self-care is a necessity & not a luxury. All our products are carefully curated to support your self-care, enhance your wellness journey and make you feel better from within. 

      Browse & shop through our wide range of wellness essentials and make yourself a priority…because you deserve to show up as the best version of you! 

      Shop Now.